Solved “Wifi Connected No Internet access” error in Windows

Ordinarily in your PC runntting windows 7,8,8.1 or 10 or mac  os, your wifi is Connected yet no web  access is there, and you may be getting message that “Connected with wifi, however no web get to”. It is aggravating to have your gadget associated with wifi yet at the same time not have the option to get to the web. Try not to stress, here on our blog, we will give you answer for your concern and you will have the option to get to web simply like typical.

Wifi Connected But No Internet

Settlement Of  Wifi Connected Not Internet Access Error

This issue has been in exist since quite a while and ordinarily we are connected to wifi yet not having the option to utilize web, can’t send whatsapp messages or can’t accomplish our significant work. There can be numerous zones where you should take a gander at in the event that you need to know the reason for this issue and fix it. Here, in this post, we have referenced where the issue can really be and approaches to fix it.

Sol :- 1 Restart The Internet Modem And Router

Commonly this issue can be fixed distinctly by restarting the router or the web modem. In this way, attempt once turning off and again back on the router and modem and check whether the Internet works in the wake of restarting it.

Sol :- 2 Use Built In-TroubleShooter

On the off chance that you are utilizing Windows 10, you have the worked in troubleshooter that should help you in settling the issue. Simply ensure that you can even look for the investigating choices online for your Version of the Windows operating system.

Sol :- 3 Flush The DNS

The connected, yet no web access issue can be settled by flushing the DNS. The DNS store might be clashing with your availability, and in this manner you may wind up getting no web access. You can consider flushing DNS and resolve the issue of wifi connected, however no Internet
Dispatch Command Prompt and type in ipconfig/flushdns and press ENTER. This will flush the DNS cache. Ensure that the laptop/PC is rebooted. This will assist you with getting the progressions to produce results.

Sol :-4 Select IP Address and DNS automatically

The web may not be accessible if there are any issues with your specific WiFi network. This can be identified by interfacing your PC to other WiFi systems. On the off chance that you can interface with different systems, yet not to your WiFi network, the issue might be because of an off base DNS or IP address strife.
The means for getting the IP and DNS naturally may contrast according to your operating system. In the event that you are o Windows, you can launch Network and Internet settings and pick the alternative to change your Adapter Settings. Pick your connection and select Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4). Here you can arrange your system to get IP and DNS consequently.

The connected, however no web access issue can likewise be caused because of a right driver. Updating the driver can resolve the issue for your situation. One more incredible arrangement can be crippling the quick startup choice. Any clashing application introduced on your PC or Laptop can likewise bring about getting WiFi connected, no web access.


Sol :- 5 Re-installed Wireless Drivers

  • Go to run by click windows key + R.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc in search box and click enter.
  • Expand network and  Press The right click on wireless device and select “uninstall device”.
  • Presently right click and select “Scan for Hardware changes.”
  • Presently, it will re-install your remote drivers. Hence, any issue with your remote drivers will be fixed.

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