What Are Windows Modules Installer and how to Fix it?

Windows is an operating system utilized by individuals everywhere throughout the world for various purposes. Actually, it is the most mainstream operating system on the planet. In any case, it isn’t the most steady operating system ever. Also, It can’t at present beat the Mac OS as far as dependability and execution. Windows OS has ordinarily numerous product running out of sight using assets of CPU which hinders the exhibition of the whole PC.

Windows Module Installer


One such issue happening is Windows Modules Installer Worker or Tiworker.exe (name contingent upon your windows Version) 8utilizing a high measure of CPU and RAM in a Windows PC or Laptop. A few users likewise heard the noisy clamor of fans in their CPU. Today, on our blog, we have thought of the answer for this issue and taking out high measure of CPU use by Windows Modules Installer laborer. You will likewise get all the data about this issue and its causes.


What Are Windows Modules Installer Worker or Tiworker.exe?

Windows Modules installer worker is an instrument that checks windows Updates consequently for the system. This Tool is really fundamental on the off chance that you need the Windows to check for the updates naturally on your PC or Laptop as this instrument will be consequently running while at the same time checking for or introducing any reports on windows. Be that as it may, because of certain issues with the apparatus, it can once in a while mess up things and show high CPU utilization rate in the undertaking supervisor taken by a program called windows module installer laborer or Tiworker.exe and you may be confronting a lull in generally system execution in your PC along these lines.

Is Tiworker a virus or malware?

As we clarified before, it is a part of windows itself and utilized for update. In this way, you don’t have to stress over it being a virus or malware. All things considered, in case you’re concerned, you can run a virus filter through windows defender or your favored antivirus and malware examine through Malwarebytes.

How to Fix Windows Modules Installer utilizing a high measure of CPU assets?

There are a few solutions and work arounds to this issue and these are given beneath

Sol 1 :-  Deactivate Automatic Windows Update on your PC

        As we clarified before, this tool is running at whatever point windows is checking for any Update on your PC. So impairing windows Update naturally can tackle this issue. To Disabled programmed Windows Update, follow the means beneath :
  1. Go to “Run” by squeezing windows key + R on your PC.
  2. Type services.msc in it and snap OK.
  3. Search “Windows module installer”
  4. Double tap on the “Windows module installer”, and make it manual. It is normally set to Automatic
  5. Presently find and double tap on Windows update.
  6. Presently an exchange box will show up, select startup type to disabled or manual whatever choice you have.
  7. Select OK.
  8. Reboot your Computer and everything ought to be fine.


This strategy as a rule works for this issue. On the off chance that this strategy doesn’t work, attempt different arrangements underneath.

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Sol :-2  Run Windows Update troubleshooter

Running the windows update troubleshooter can take care of the issue if tiworker.exe has a few issues. To do this :
  • Go to Settings > Update and security > Troubleshoot > Windows Update on your Computer
  • Click Run the troubleshooter.
  • Fix any issue recommended by windows troubleshooter.


Sol :- 3 Set your internet Connection as metered

 A few people would suggest this as this won’t let the machine take a lot of utilization of the web by windows module installer worker and henceforth it may quit utilizing high CPU assets.
  • You can do this by going to Start > Settings > Network and Internet > Wi-FI.
  • Press Advanced Options.
  • At that point you can choose set metered association “On”.

In case you’re utilizing an ethernet Connection, it is smarter to set updates physically.

We trust you got the answer for the issue of high asset use by windows module installer worker and your Laptop or PC is working fine. In the event that you have any questions or some other better way to deal with the issue, if it’s not too much trouble type in the remarks beneath. Share this article via web-based networking media and let windows nerds know how to understand this blunder

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