What Are kmode exception not handled and how to fix it?

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is a typical however problematic mistake for Windows clients. It can cause framework crash in various manners. Regular BSOD blunders we have presented incorporate nvlddmkm.sys blue screen error, igdkmd64.sys blue screen error and SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION Blue screen error and so on. For the most part, the BSOD issue shows up alongside an error code, which assists with figuring out what sort of issue the framework is having with the Hardware. In Windows 10, a habitually showed up error named Kmode Exception Not Handled has influenced numerous clients. Additionally, there were such errors in Windows 8. Here, we acquaint some powerful ways with fix “Kmode Exception Not Handled” error in Windows 10.

 kmode exception not handled

What is kmode exception not handled ?

Kmode Exception Not Handled is a system crash. The crash happens when a Kernel Mode Program is causing a special case, which the error handler can’t distinguish. For the most part, there will be an error code 0x0000001E and now and again the framework falls into reboot.

How to Fix Kmode Exception Not Handled Error?

To solved Kmode Exception Not Handled issue, you can try the following ways beneath:

Method 1 :- Disable Fast Startup

Windows quick startup is a component that clients can set for their own startup inclination. It’s accessible for Windows 8 and Windows 10 system, which works comparably to the hybrid rest method of the past Windows version. By sparing the working system state to a hibernation document, quick startup can make your PC boot up much speedier.
Be that as it may, quick startup can likewise raise system crash when there is ruckus reloading the bit, drivers, and system state regularly. In some cases BSOD error happens, similar to the Kmode Exception Not Handled error. At that point you may need to turn off quick startup for typical boot.
  • Explore over to the Control Panel. 
  • Press on the tab called “System and Security.” 
  • Press on the tab called “Force Options.” 
  • You can choose the choice called “Change what power buttons do.” 
  • Presently head toward “Change settings that are at present available” 
  • Untick the Box “Turn on quick beginning up.” 
  • Save the progressions and there you go.
After the settings, you can restart your PC and check if the Kmode Exception not Handled error has been fixed.

Method 2:- Run Windows Memory Diagnose.

Windows Memory Diagnostic is a system memory test. It can help check the PC’s RAM for issues. During the test procedure, there will be a status bar indicating you if any issues have been recognized. Likewise, Windows Memory Diagnostics can help check the kmode exemption not took care of error.
  1. Open Windows memory diagnostics through looking from the search box of Windows 10;
  2. Click restart now and check for issues (recommended)
  3. Fix the issues that have been recognized and restart Windows.

Method 3 :-Updates the Drivers

This is something else that must be done with regards to repairing the kmode exception not handled issue. There would be old destroyed drivers that need refreshing, and in the long run repairing. You may confront issues despite the fact that, the drivers are updated, so you have to do this action in the safe mode.
To do this, you have to turn your PC on and turn it off utilizing the force catch to stop the ordinary booting process. When you are in safe mode, the means appeared underneath ought to be taken,
  • Press the Windows catch and X to explore over to the Device Manager which will spring up in a split second. 
  • When you have gone into the Device Manager, you can look up for Other Devices. 
  • You would now be able to tap on the Unknown device which may be a potential reason for the special case.
  • Presently click on Update Driver Software for update. 
  • A pop up will currently give the idea that would look up the drivers for update. 
  • When the drivers are update totally, you would then be able to restart your PC.
This can basically fix up the issue with no overabundances.


The entirety of the above advances referenced above will make the client a stride nearer to evacuating the  kmode exception not handled for good. However, it is significant that you additionally search for the BIOS alternatives to comprehend the primary driver of the issue. Distinguishing this will tackle the issue for good.

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