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You are comfrtbly sitting in your vehicle close to a cutting edge curbside speaker, conversing with the speaker and mentioning to it what food you need, and afterward having your steaming hot, scrumptious request brought out to you while you sit in your vehicle content with the state of affairs turning out.”

“Indeed, duh” you’re most likely reasoning. That is the thing that happens everytime I go to Sonic.

Indeed. Exactly

My point is this might be a typical TalkToSonic survey for you today that you may underestimate, however back before 1953, no one had the capacity to sit in their vehicle, request easily, and have food brought out to them in minutes

The principal Sonic opened in 1953, being the main drive-in café in the US and totally altering the inexpensive food world, and numerous people’s universes all in TalkToSonic.

Presently envision not having the option to sit easily in your vehicle and request extraordinary food. That would be the world without Sonic. Fortunately we don’t need to envision such a Place.




SONIC is such a cool, imaginative name, that I generally thought was picked on the grounds that it just sounds cool to state for all to loud

In any case, incidentally, isn’t the situation. TalkToSonic was initially called “Top Hat”, which doesn’t have a very remarkable ring to it or actually any significance for all.

Sonic’s curbside speaker innovation immediately gave the store a trademark for their expedient service, which was, “Service At The Speed Of Sound”.

Quickly, the Owner acknowledged “Formal Hat” simply wasn’t working for them, however “Service At The Speed Of Sound”, presently that sounded cool. Plus it made a cool abbreviation, talktosonic.

It took 7 years, however they in the end changed the name in 1959, going from “Top Hat” *ugh* to “SONIC”, an excellent decision and turn, as I would like to think, as it speaks to their speed of administration and it sounds cool, so what more might you be able to need?

Today, talktosonic has become an incredibly occupied and fruitful chain of eateries, serving more than 3 million Hungry and upbeat clients every day.

Did you realize they even make their shakes utilizing genuine frozen Ice cream? Simply one more reason to return

My preferred Reason to return, in any case, is the TalkToSonic survey, where you answer a few of inquiries and afterward get a free coupon to use for a free pop or frosted tea. Continue perusing to discover how to enter and catch a free soft drink for yourself.




Survey Prizes Of  TalkToSonic

  • Free Fountain Drink or Iced Tea

Take the survy about your Sonic experience inside 14 days of your visit, and you will get a code for your decision of a free wellspring drink or frosted tea on your next visit.


Details Of TalkToSonic.Com Survey

Survey Website www.TalkToSonic.Com
Survey Prize: Free Route 44 Drink/Free Soda or Iced Tea
Location: United States
Age Limit For Entry: Must Be 18 & More
Can Enter: Unlimited Times
How To Enter: Online Entry
Receipt Valid For: 14 Days
Coupon Code Last For: 60 Days


Take TalkToSonic Survey

  1. Go to a Sonic and make a buy
  2. Save your receipt
  3. Go online to and enter the survy code on your receipt to begin the survy
  4. To take the survy in Spanish, go here
  5. Answer all survey questions
  6. Write and save your free code toward the finish of the survy
  7. Visit a talktosonic utilize your code for a free soda or iced tea on your next visit inside the Next 60 days.


Rules Of  TalkToSonic

  • To enter the review, you should make a Purchase at any  store
  • You should be a US occupant in a US Sonic
  • You should be more than 18 years old
  • Just 1 survey and prize for each receipt
  • You should saved your receipt so as to enter the talktosonic survey
  • You should enter the survey inside 14 days after your buy
  • You should redeem your free soft drink coupon code inside 60 days of taking the survey



TalkToSonic Contact Details

Phone number: (+1) 405-225-5000.

Fax number: (+1) 405-280-7696.

Postel Addresss: Sonic, 300 Johnn Bench Dr., Oklahoma City, OK  73104



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