SEO Elevator Pitch – What is it and How to make it?

The Elevator Pitch – SEO

So if you are a non-techie you must have heard about CEO, but not definitely SEO. Most of the marketing teams or computer techies would know what SEO is. So let me take you into what is SEO and what’s this Elevator Pitch in SEO.

What is SEO?

The sweet abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation is known as SEO. It is the technique used to elevate the quantity or quality of traffic on your website through various search engines.

Let me make it simple for you. Have you tried typing “Amazon” in any google search? If you had, the first suggestion on the google page will be the E-commerce giant rather than the Amazon forest. So, this shows an organic result of SEO where it’s not being paid by anyone else. And when you search for something like an “iPhone” the first advertisement will be a paid result by various methods.
Now let us see about SEO Elevator pitch.
It can be described as a brief and convincing talk that conveys your unique value as an SEO. That is called an elevator pitch when someone asks you about products or services, you have to mention everything before the elevator reaches a point. Let me deal with you as an example in a real-time situation. When you try to book a hotel online, the time taken to see all the tariffs and descriptions about the facilities of the room or packages that are provided on the website will not take more than 5 minutes. So the time referred to 5 minutes can be explained as an elevator pitch.

But when we talk in terms of Healthy saints  Let us see how.

1.    Lots of SEO specialities

   SEO contains many specialities. You have the link builders for the people almost specifically     focused on what they actually want.
So I think it’s okay and perfect in all pitches for our elevator if there are too many different specialities in SEO.

    2.  There are various people with different abilities and mindsets. These people will understand and know what you do at SEO differently. They may be semi-familiar or totally unknown about SEO. You should try to judge what people know and work around your pitch. Now you ‘re going to explain to them about what you know about all, how it affects them firmly, and how you can help them in any way in their business. So, Make the pitch according to the audience

    3.     Updations

     Yes, updations in SEO make a lot more changes every year. So these updations should be known by the developers and properly explaining will be a difficult task for them. So again the pitches vary from one to another one. It is not much difficult as you think unless you acquire good knowledge of it. Updations are sometimes good when you have the quality work.
Let us understand it in a simple way. In schools, every teacher doesn’t have the same set of skills in teaching the students. It may change, depending upon the subjects which they handle which are referred to as the first point. Second, every student does not have the same ability to grasp knowledge. And every update in lessons should be taught by the teachers to the students, which is referred to as the third point.
The super elevator pitch of SEO will not just be user-centric or bots and algorithms centric, it has to be a blend of both. To know more, you can contact an SEO company.

Create Your Own Elevator Pitch- Let’s see how

Within SEO there are various specialities and you might concentrate on one or several of these. Having a good understanding of what you are doing in SEO will thus help you to achieve a great elevator pitch!
You want to have a clear awareness of what you are going to do and convince those who may not understand. It helps you in understand what you are doing, you can provide a more detailed overview of your tasks. Using the technical terms that are not easy for a person to understand in the first impression are not the ones you should include in your elevator pitch. You are most likely to offer your SEO elevator pitch who are not aware of SEO. Keeping simple and more understandable is the key factor in elevating.

The world is moving at a faster rate where people have no time in spending at a moment. With an efficient SEO Elevator pitch, people can find the best outcome at the right moment at the right point.  Take it as a communication medium and put your all points in the pitch. It can be magical to produce amazing results for you and your clients. 

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