Setting up ScarletMail Use Rutgers email address

These directions can be utilized to set up ScarletMail with the goal that email sent from the account will have your Official Rutgers Email Address as the From Address rather than netid@scarletmail


ScarletMail Configuring for Less Secure Apps




As of late Google has actualized security settings on Google Apps and Google Apps for Education. Setting Up ScarletMail To Utilize Your Official ScarletMail Rutgers Email Address doesn’t bolster these new security settings presently. Therefore when setting up ScarletMail To Use Your Official ScarletMail Rutgers Email Address these new security settings should be Dis Abled for the record. To dis abled this kindly do the followng:

  • Go to and write your ScarletMail Rutgers Address. Click Next.
  • Enter your Rutgers NetID and  secret password. Click Login
  • Press on Connected apps & sites Below Sign-in & security
  • Conform Allow less secure apps is listed is Turn ON.


Resetting or Setting your ScarletMailApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password

So as to set your Official ScarletMail Rutgers Email Address as your From Address in ScarletMail you should initially set, or in the event that you have overlooked, reset your ScarletmailApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password. To do this go to: and click on Manage Your Scarletmail rutgers Apps Mobile/IMAP/POP Password.

  • Sign in with your Rutgers ID and  Secret Password.
  • Set your secret Password word and Press on the Change ScarletMail Apps Password. This will be a unique secret Password that might be utilized when setting up ScarletMail Rutgers on a Mobile Device or in whatever other program that utilizes IMAP or POP email protocls.




Set up ScarletMail to use your Rutgers Email Address

  • Go to and Press on the ScarletMail Icon. You will be asked to sign in with your Net ID and  Secret password.
  • Click on the Icon Looking Like Gear in the upper right of  screen and Choose Settings
  • Press on the Accounts link.
  • As a Dafault ScarletMail is set up to send Mail as the netid@scarletmail address. Press on Add another Mail address you own.

At Next Complete the following information

  • Name: Your first Name and last name should fill here
  • Mail Address: This should be your Scarletmail Rutgers Email Address.

Note: If you don’t know what your Official ScarletMail Rutgers Email Address is you can check what you have recorded by going to and click on Manage Email Address. On that screen your Official Rutgers Email Address shoud to be recorded.

Press on Next Step.


On the off chance that you just have an email account on ScarletMail or a department Mail systm you should utilize the followng settings:

  • SMTP Server: smtp.
  • Port: 587
  • Username: Own ScarletMail Mail address
  • Password: Your ScarletApps Mobile/IMAP/POP Pass word
  • Check The Secured Connection TLS

Select Add Account




An email will be sent to your ScarletMail Rutgers Mail Address with a verifi cation code

Copied the Confirmation Code and Paste it into the Confirm Verification box and Press Verify. On the other hand tapping on the link in the Email that you got and complete the Verification step.

In the ScarletMail Settings in the Account Tab, click make default to set the Official ScarletMail Rutgers Email Address as the dafault From addressse when sending email.




Regularly to utilize Scarletmail rutgers . Also remember to Sign out from the Devices and clear The history If you have Login in My Scarletmail rutgers from Public Gadget. I hope the Info on this Article helped you with Scarletmail rutgers and continue with Login to your account. If you Have still Any Query or difficulties in This Login or Scarletmail rutgers related issues, check the site now.



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