How To Fix Kernel Security Check Failure Error in Windows ?

Hoping to fix kernel security check failure in Windows. at that point here is a bit by bit guide.

I am certain you may have known about the Blue screen of death, and one of the primary driver for experiencing BSOD blunder is Kernel security check failure in windows .

There can be a few reasons why you have experienced this mistake on your windows working framework.

Following are a portion of the purposes behind Kernel security check failure:

  • Damaged or corrupted hard disk or SSD.
  • Corrupted Windows Files
  • After Installing Windows
  • After RAM Upgrade
  • Overclocking
  • Outdated Drivers
  • After Windows Update
  • Memory Problems
Fix Kernel Security Check Failure
As you have seen there can be numerous reasons why your are getting blue screen error. We will take a gander at each in this guide. Here is the manner by which blue screen of death regularly looks like in Windows .

What is Causing BSOD Error?



Windows have an incredible utility, which lets you check what makes a blunder or failure the framework, and that utility is Event watcher. 


Utilizing the occasion viewer, you can check the reason for the Kernel security check failure blunder or Blue screen BSOD error.
Follow the steps:
1. Press Windows + X Key and click Event Viewer.
2. Presently the event view will open containing a great deal of logged data about the PC equipment and programming, i.e., warning and blunders 
3. Press Action on the menu sheet and select “Make Custom View”.
4. From the logged drop-down, select whenever run contingent upon what time you got blue screen error.
5. For the Event level, checkmark mistake,critical and warning.
6. Presently click on event logs radio catch and from drop-down, select Windows Logs.
7. Press Ok
8. Presently, give any name to the custom event view and Click OK.
9. Now the Event Viewer automatically loads the new filtered view.
On the other hand, there is another convenient program for finding the explanation behind the blue screen error called BlueScreenView.
  • At the point when you open Blue ScreenView, it shows a rundown of saved dumped documents.


  • You can without much of a stretch click on any dump record to get more data and get explicit data like Bug check String and Bug check code, which are very valuable for finding the reason for BSOD errors.
  • BluescreenView is the most effortless technique for finding the explanation behind BSOD errors. I enthusiastically suggest it.

Boot Windows in Safe Mode?

On the off chance that you can boot your Windows PC typically, at that point proceed with the fixes. On the off chance that not, at that point you can follow the accompanying strides to boot Windows 1into an experimental safe.
We should begin
1. Right off the bat, turn on your PC. When screen loads press the force button for 10 seconds to close down your Windows 10 PC persuasively. 
2. Presently Do step 1 two More Time. 
3. After three back to back ordinary boot interference when you turn on your pc for the fourth time, at that point Windows will boot into winRE (Window Recovery Environment). Also, this will begin programmed fix.
4. These programmed fix procedure may fix your kernel security check failure issue. After winRE finishes, it will give an extra Advanced alternatives button. Click on it.
5. On the following screen, click on Troubleshoot.
6. On the accompanying screen, click on Troubleshoot. 
7. Presently select Startup Settings. 
8. Next, click on Restart. 
9. Presently, on the startup screen, utilize the F4 or 4 number key to boot into safe mode.
Now you should have the option to login to your Windows 10 PC, and afterward you will have the option to fix your Windows 10 BSOD issue. 
There are numerous approaches to fix BSOD error in windows 10. Here is a bit by bit manage and as you are uncertain about the reason for the failure in this way, you have to might need to attempt all the strategies and see what works for you.

Fix Kernel Security Check Failure in windows 10 : Blue Screen Error

Fix Kernel security check failure i.e Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error in Windows 10 utilizing the accompanying strategies bit by bit.

Method 1: Disconnect Unnecessary Hardware

Kernel security error or blue screen of death can likewise occur because of hardware related issues. 
In this way, disengaging superfluous or extra equipment ought to be the most importantly thing you ought to do and check on the off chance that it fixes the issue. 
In the event that separating fixes the error, at that point there must be similarity issues, or something different isn’t right with the hardware.
All things considered, you can either overhaul drivers for the device or take a stab at reaching the hardware producer for help.

Method 2 : Check For Virus And Malware

Now and again infections or malware can likewise cause kernel failure issues in Windows. What’s more, in the event that you are into safe boot mode or don’t have any outsider antivirus introduced.
At that point use Windows safeguard, it is more than equipped for expelling the virus. I additionally recommend you download and introduce Malwarebytes to dispose of malware that Windows safeguard may have left.
To utilize the web in safe mode, you need to choose safe mode with systems administration while login into safe mode.
If there should be an occurrence of any virus, make a move and expel them. Restart and check whether it fixes the error.

Method 3 : Update Windows 10

Windows Updates are known to break a certain something or the other. What’s more, at some point, a Windows update could cause a blue screen error.
Furthermore, in the event that it is the situation, the most presumably another Windows update accompanies the fix for fixing the error brought about by the past Windows update.
Along these lines, it is smarter to check for Updates before continuing to different fixes. Follow these means:
1. Press Windows + X key and snap on Settings. 
2. Presently in the Settings Window, click on Update and Security. 
3. In the left sheet, click on Windows update and snap on check for update. 
On the off chance that there are Update accessible, at that point try to introduce them. If not, continue to the following solutions.

Method 4 : Uninstall Programs

On the off chance that you are getting kernel issues, at that point uninstalling the as of late introduced projects can fix the issue.
This strategy is one of the straight advances fix for kernel security check failure issue in windows 10.
Make a point to boot into safe mode and afterward uninstall the projects.
At times, programming for untrusted sources introduces a few extra programming or bundles which might be malware and is the primary driver of this issue.
Along these lines, you should find the as of late introduced programming and one which appears to be little to be an extra which you have not installed yourself.
Follow these means: 
1. Boot into safe mode steps previously referenced Above
2. When you sign in, open the Start menu and type control board there and Press to open it.
3. Inside the control Panel, under Programs, Press Uninstall a program. 
4. Presently discover the projects that you as of late installed, and that appears to be dubious, right-click on it and select Uninstall. 
5. In the wake of uninstalling the product, restart your Windows PC to check whether it fixes the blue screen error or not. If not, continue to the following fixes.

Method 5 : Stop Overclocking

On the off chance that overclocking something that you don’t think about, at that point you can avoid this strategy. 
What’s more, on the off chance that you have overclocked you pc, this may be the explanation that you are getting a BSOD error as they are not many processors that can deal with overclocking. 
Thus, in the event that you have overclocked your pc, at that point return to the typical state and uninstall any overclocking programming. 
Overclocking PC is one reason for getting a kernel security check failure error in Windows 10.

Method 6: Update Your Computer’s BIOS/ UEFI Firmware

Refreshing your BIOS/UEFI firmware is the last and last technique you can attempt if your blue screen error is as yet not fixed. 
The above techniques should fix the Kernel check security failure error, yet in the event that it despite everything doesn’t, at that point you can attempt this strategy. 
Note that you do this technique on the off chance that you recognize what you are doing. On the off chance that you don’t know, at that point please avoid this strategy. 
Any alteration can effectly affect your PC and its motherboard. 
For Updating your PC profiles/UEFI firmware, discover data on your pc make and get online help from them. These days, the majority of them have an installer for refreshing profiles/UEFI firmware.


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