How to Efficiently Manage Your Passwords Online?

How to Efficiently Manage Your Passwords Online?

Whether it is personal or professional, people tend to protect sensitive information and their privacy using passwords. However, with so many accounts and profiles to manage, it can get difficult to remember a large number of passwords. Add to that the problem that most applications require you to have a strong alphanumeric password with upper and lower case characters. It can get extremely difficult to manage these passwords, which is what this blog addresses.

Efficiently Managing Passwords

Businesses and individuals make use of passwords for a number of reasons. It can be to protect sensitive information, digital identity theft, or software use. Many employers monitor how their employees use passwords to better understand how to safeguard their organization. Thanks to charter internet offers, everyone has access to smart devices and connections.

That means more people than ever before are at risk. Whenever you store personal information on a device, you should think about how you manage your passwords and ensure your information stays secure. While you can use a number of online passwords managers, this blog discusses how you can efficiently create and manage passwords 6 steps:

1.       Avoid Using Easy-to-Hack Passwords

2.       Create a Short List of Passwords You Can Remember
3.       Create Separate Passwords for Each Account
4.       Frequently Change Passwords
5.       Use Case Sensitive Characters
6.       Create a Password Backup 

Let’s take a closer look at these below.

Avoid Using Easy-to-Hack Passwords  

Passwords that are easy to identify are easy to hack. These include things people can guess or learn about you. Birthdays, family names, pets, and phone numbers all fall in this category. You should never use your social security number as your password in any case. Hackers have learned how to decrypt SSNs based on how they are assigned to individuals.

Create a Short List of Passwords

Once you are ready, you need to brainstorm a short list of passwords. These have to be complex enough to resist hacking attempts, but also easy enough for you to remember. Having these passwords on hand takes away the pressure of having to think one up under stress when prompted. You could easily choose an easily decrypt able password otherwise.

Take up Professional Help

It is important to note that many companies take up help from email marketing agenciesfor their email campaigns. Similarly, some take digital marketing help. Therefore, you can also outsource your all security and passwords management to a security company you will not have to face any issues with the management of your passwords and security concerns.

Create Separate Passwords for Each Account

The passwords you create for each account need to be separate and unique. This includes all passwords, from your ATM to your Facebook Account to your bank account. It can be very tempting to use the same password for all your accounts without having to remember too much. However, it also makes it that much easier for hackers to access all your accounts in case one is hacked.   

Frequently Change Passwords

When you frequently change passwords, you reduce the risk of someone getting a hold of your old password and using it to gain access to your account. Do not be lazy in thinking you can just change a single symbol, letter, or number. If your passwords so far have been MyName1, MyName2, MyName3, and so on, anyone who hacked them once can hack them again.   

Use Case Sensitive Characters

Case sensitive letters make it much harder for anyone to guess your password. It helps with better encryption and makes it difficult for hackers to get access to the account. If you use the password IlOvEmYDoG instead of Ilovemydog, it is much harder to crack, and still relatively easy to remember. Because it is very important for security reasons nowadays specially when there are many social, banking details and other emails etc.

Create a Password Backup

While it is safer to simply remember your passwords, sometimes it helps if you can create a backup that can remember them for you. This helps when you have many accounts or if you use certain passwords only occasionally. You can write them down on paper, or create a spreadsheet to help you remember. Just be sure to password protect the backup sheet as well. You don’t want to call Spectrum to find out why your service is suspended and discover its because someone cleaned out your bank account. Be very careful with password backups, and share them with nobody.  

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