How Technological Innovations Evolve In The Garden

How Technological Innovations Evolve In The Garden
In a world where technological advances are the trend of the day, gardening continues to be a sector in which has possibility to apply techniques then to traditional.
Fortunately, manufacturers of garden tools and accessories are making an effort to change this way. Finally we can easily finding a greater variety of electronic gadgets in one way or another, facilitate the care of our plants. It’s increasing. The main goal? Save us a good amount of time and effort.
The Husqvarna ‘Automower’ automatic lawn mower is operated by sunlight and is completely self-contained. Valid for a garden of up to 2,200 m2, we can schedule your task then forget about it. If you have any problems, you will notify by SMS.
Watering a garden with asymmetrical shapes using sprinklers can be a nightmare. The jet of water moistens areas that do not need water and you have to move the site sprinklers. To solve this problem, Gardena proposes its ‘Aqua Contour’, a sprinkler with 50 customizable paths that are stored in two different programs. It can cover a maximum of 380 m2 of land.
Do you want an original memory of your plants? With Brinno’s ‘Garden Watch Cam’ you will be able to make a time-lapse (sequence of images) in a jiffy. It is a digital camera that is taking photos in a certain time interval and then, unites the images to create a beautiful video. It works with rechargeable batteries and withstands sun, cold and rain.
The Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo is going to launch a sensor that we can place in any of our plants and that will transmit information to a group of expert gardeners on the humidity, the light, the PH and the nutrients of our earth. Depending on the data sent, we will receive by SMS and email a series of advice on irrigation, fertilizer and location of our plants. With LikeThat Garden, you can do the following:
Find, Explore and discover attractive innovative gardening tools, then imagine how your next garden will be the most appropriate way
Do you have plenty of free space in your garden or terrace and do not know what to plant? EasyBloom is a gadget that you can place on any terrain and that, after a 24 hour analysis, will tell you which plants are most suitable to place in that place depending on light, humidity and type of soil. You can plug it through USB to your computer to access all the data and tips that this gadget gives you.
If you like garden decoration, and you are thinking of giving a new air to the garden of your home, today we will talk about some mobile apps to decorate gardens that can be most useful and bring many ideas.

1 – PRO Landscape Companion

PRO Landscape Companion is the first landscape and landscape design application for iPad and Android tablets. The app allows you to instantly and stunningly create different landscape designs from your own tablet. This app is available for iPad and Android tablets for free.
2 – Plantsss, an app for the garden and plant care

Plantsss is an app that can be very useful for decorating gardens. The application can help you choose the plants that are most suitable for your garden depending on the place and climate. Those who choose plants solely because of their aesthetics should keep in mind that if the plants chosen to decorate your garden are not the most suitable for space or for the particular climate, the garden will not last too long.
The app, available for Android and iOS, in addition to helping you choose the best plants, also offers information on how to take care of them in the best way, as it has a virtual library with information on all types of plants.
Plantsss was designed by Max Delporte, and has already been selected within the best apps on the App Store. It has a nice and intuitive design, and its functions are very useful. It uses geolocation to recognize plant species suitable for climate and location, and also divides them into different categories of plants, which are classified according to their foliage, flowers or fruits.
3 – Garden Designer

Garden Designer is an application for the iPad, which can also be most useful for decorating gardens. It serves for garden and landscape design, so you can plan what your ideal garden will be in a simple and very visual. It is very simple to use, since you just have to drag and drop the different elements. It has more than 600 unique ones that you can use for the decoration plan of your garden, it allows you to change colors very easily for any plant or object, etc.
4 – LikeThat Garden

LikeThat Garden can be a very useful application to inspire you to change the decoration of your garden. It is a visual search app that allows you to take photos to identify flowers. Thus, you can use the camera of your mobile phone to find a flower, and instantly you receive the results of this, similar flowers that inspire, give ideas and useful information. This way, here you have access to thousands of high resolution images of different species of flowers in the same application.
5 – DIY Garden Ideas
DIY Garden Ideas is an application that can bring you many ideas to make yourself and which are ideal for decorating gardens. The app provides ideas for garden designs, no matter how big or small the garden, as well as DIY ideas. If you have a garden and you do not know where to start to decorate it, here you can get some ideas that can be perfect for the garden of your home.
6 – Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden
Home Design 3D Outdoor / Garden is an app that can serve you for much more than decorating gardens. With its new 3D graphic quality, this application will help you to realize your ideas easily and quickly, whatever your project: design your garden, imagine your ideal space, create a play space, prepare your wedding outdoors, etc.
As you can see, these are some of the options that may be ideal for decorating gardens. With these applications, you will surely be able to inspire and get some ideas of the most useful to give life and form to the garden of your home in a simple way and with the plants and elements more appropriate taking into account the space, the place and the climate. How about these applications to decorate gardens? Do you know any more that might be interesting for it?

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