What is ‘ETD Control Center’ and Should i Remove it

For clients who might want to think well about the idea of the Task Manager  ETD Control Center, or in the event that you might want to get the viable techniques to illuminate different ETD control center mistakes or its record etdctrl.exe issue, you can think that its accommodating If you proceed onward.

It will give you what the ETD control center is and why it takes up your high CPU in task manger. In different cases, this ETD control center not reacting blunder on Windows 10.

In some cases, you may see a symbol showing and flickering in the taskbar. It appears that you have stuck it here since this ETD control center symbol shows itself without vanishing.

'ETD Control Center


What is ‘ETD Control Center’ 

It is an ELAN administration in task manager. This ETD control center is for the most part intended to deal with an assortment of highlights of the smart pads for example, it empowers you to utilize signals or multi-fingers. You can likewise observe its document named etdctrl.exe and ETD control center aide in task manger too.

In as much as you open your touchpad, you can see there is a symbol of ETD control center shows up in the taskbar. You can infer that this ETD control center isn’t an virus however a basic piece of your smart pad of ASUS.

While for certain clients, in the event that you are resolved to debilitate this etdctrl.exe ETD control center as it causes high CPU or the ETD control center isn’t wrking away at Windows 10, attempt the accompanying approaches to dispose of your ETD control center has quit working issue.


Fix ETD Control Center Issues in Windows 10

  1. Disable ETD Control Center Automatically
  2. Disable ETD Control Center in Task Manager
  3. Uninstall Smart Gesture Application
  4. Update the Touchpad Driver


Solution 1: Disable ETD Control Center Automatically

Given that you can’t discover ETD Control Center in task manager or task manager won’t enabl you to stop this etdctrl.exe procedure, there is likewise an exit plan. In other words, you would better get the a large portion of Advanced SystemCare to end this ETD Control process consequently

In this procedure, Advanced SystemCare can likewise bear the cost of you to disable ETDCtrl.exe even with program interferences.


  1. Download, install and run Advanced SystemCare on your PC
  2. Find Toolbox and afterward click Process Manager.
  3. In IObit Process Manager, under Processes, on the rite side, pinpoint ETD Control Center and afterward  press right  it to End Process.
  4. Right clik ETDCtrl.exe to set it run at Low Priority.


As of now, you will have either disabled ETD Control Center on Windows 10 or make it run at low need. Along these lines, there won’t be ETDCtrl.exe or ELAN administration mistake.


Solution 2: Disable ETD Control Center In Task Manager


As a matter of first importance,  etdctrl.exe Windows processout of wrk, it is achievable that you get down to debilitating ETD control center at startup. Thusly, this touch pad administration won’t utilize high CPU or not reacting on Windows 10.

  1. Press right to Start and afterward select Task Manager from the list
  2. In Task Manager, under the Startup tab, find the ETD Control Center and right snap it to Disable it.
  3. Restart your computer to produce results.

If you have followed the means to disable ETD control center, you should decide to reboot your computer and check if the flickering symbol of etdctrl.exe still exists in the taskbar on Windows 10.


Solution 3: Uninstall Smart Gesture Application

As it is said that this ETD control center isn’t reacting can generally happen to ASUS clients, for smart pad are the gadget regularly utilized alongside ASUS.

In this way, for ASUS clients or some other clients of different brands, it is suggestible that you battle to uninstall the ASUS shrewd gestre in Control Panel.

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel, choose to View by Category and afterward pick Uninstall a program under Programs.
  3. At that point in Programs and Features, find the ASUS Smart Gesture and right clik it to Uninstall it.
  4. Reboot your PC to produce results.

Presently without the application shrewd gestre, you will have effectively dispensed with touchpad on your PC. The high CPU brought about by ETD control center would be fixed on that event.

To make a synopsis, ETD control center is the ELAN sevic in task manager and used to empower highlights for your smart pad. You can get more insights concerning what it is and how to determine different issues identified with etdctrl.exe Windows 10 in this thred.


Solution 4 :Update the Touchpad Driver

Other than of crippling ETD control center in a startup, you should go to the driver of the smart pad once uninstalling ETD control center neglected to determine your etdctrl.exe mistake.

It is open that you explore to the official site of the touchpad. In any case, here you would better move to uninstall the driver in Device Manager-the inherent Windows 10 program and update it auto.


  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. Extend Mice and other pointing gadget and afterward right snap the ElAN touchpad driver to Uninstall gadget.
  3. Update the touchpad driver. In the event that you need to utilize the touchpad, you ought to reinstall touchpad driver it once more.

Driver Booster is an expert Drivers download tool, it can scan every one of your gadgets drivers, locate the absent and obsolete drivers and afterward update them consequently.

Download and instll Driver Booster, run it on your PC.

  1. Press Scan
  2. In the Mice and other pointing gadgets choice, discover the touchpad thing to Update it.

Upon when Driver Booster updat the most recent ELAN touchpad driver for Windows 10 and introduces it, it is likely there will be no more ETD control center high CPU utilization.


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