5 Php Tools You Should Never Miss Out

5 Php Tools You Should Never Miss Out

PHP has always been the “talk of tech town” due to its amazing capabilities of developing a web application. PHP is a popular scripting language that is used by most developers nowadays.

PHP is not just limited to creating dynamic websites; there is so much more you can do with it.
You can develop shopping carts, web calendars, CMSs, and much more. In fact, the world’s most prominent Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, has been coded in PHP.
Thus the power and capabilities PHP has are quite apparent.
PHP has eased the lives of a developer, which has reduced the burden on business owners. PHP allows the developer to break the structural constraints and develop a dynamic, high-performance, and scalable web platform capable of generating a buzz in the market.
PHP owes its high-speed and performance to the inbuilt memory feature it has. The features allow PHP to regulate the load that is inflicted upon the server.
PHP has surely brought revolutionary changes in the eCommerce web applications if we look at the eCommerce business segment. The scripting language caters to all business requirements in every possible way.
The add on to choosing PHP for your web application is the ultimate database support it provides your application with. It supports databases like MySQL, Oracle, Informix, etc. Also, a website created using PHP would always require minimum codes since PHP hosts a memory building option.
Therefore, the need for collecting external codes is totally eliminated, saving a lot of time, human resources, efforts, and costs.
Another incredible benefit offered by PHP is the secure interface it provides your application with. The entire process of developing your web application with PHP is super fast and extremely scalable.
However, fabricating a site by PHP may seem fascinating but is not a cakewalk. Even if you have primary or maybe even intermediate-level knowledge of technology, you will not be able to build a whole site alone using PHP.

Everything doesn’t come that easy. However, a helping hand will definitely drag you to success.

Hire PHP programmers & coders to help you build your website and integrate all those amazing features you always fancied about. With the help of a well-knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled developer, there is nothing you can’t achieve.
If you decide to hire a PHP developer, there are some fantastic tools you will be able to take full advantage of using PHP. These tools will help you reach your goal in a brief period.

Let’s see what tools PHP embellish your site with:

  • PHPDocumentor:
  PHPDocumentor is also known as phpdoc. It is a documentation tool for the source code of PHP. The tool offers abundant features to buff up your site with. It also provides output in PDF, HTML, CHM, and XML DocBook formats.

The tool comes with a web-based and command-line interface.

  • WideImage:
The WideImage tool is actually a PHP library. This library is used to manipulate images and process them to PHP5 dynamically.
If you need to use this tool, you will then have to go to the GD PHP extension, which is installed on your web server.
  •      MagickWand for PHP:
   The MagickWant is a PHP module suite that increases the efficiency of the ImageMagick API in          the PHP. The tool allows you to compose, create, and adeptly edit out bitmap images.
  This tool will prove to be super helpful if you need to incorporate multiple image editing         features into your PHP web application.


    ●     PHP/SWF Charts:

      The PHP Charts tool is indeed potent. The tool allows you to create web graphics and charts and incorporate them into your web application. Data can also be gathered as well as generated using databases provided by the PHP scripts.
You can further pass it on to this tool and do the needful.
The tool will help you to generate Flash (SWF) charts and graphs, which will, in turn, increase your website’s aesthetics and enhance the experience it provides to your users.
Implementing charts and graphs into a website also increases the reliability and credibility of a website, since users tend to trust stats more than words.

So if you need to build an authoritative website, then this tool can help you a lot.

  • PHPCodeBeautifier:
      This tool is a total time and effort saver.
The tool helps you avoid the cumbersome task of reformatting the code repeatedly until it aligns with your way of presenting. This tool comes with a GUI version, which makes it easy to process all files visually.
Using the PHP Code Beautifier, you can even integrate and batch a command-line version with other tools like IDE and subversion.
It also offers the integrated tool of PHP edit.
Some other tools can also boost your PHP project’s performance, but these are the best ones.

However, as I said before, to integrate these tools and optimize their functioning, you must start to look for a PHP web programmer for hire. Only with the help of a professional will you be able to achieve all the great heights you crave for.

A true entrepreneur enjoys the start to the end of a journey. And a beautiful journey requires an intelligently crafted roadmap.

In the journey of developing a PHP web application, the roadmap can only be brilliantly crafted by an expert. So who is better than an experienced PHP developer?

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